Somebody's got to do it.

Work is often bemoaned as the bane of human existence, a futile and unpleasant waste of one's days. And yes, this holds true for many a dull occupation. This is precisely why I am a designer. Despite the cautionary tales of friends and the good advice of those who urged the pursuit of safer careers, I have stayed the path of a designer and creator.

Of course, being a designer has its moments of banal details and pure terror. But at its core, design work is about solving problems and overcoming challenges.

...Challenges that require real thought, real creativity, and real inspiration. Knowing the power and value of design drives me to pick clients who want to make an impact and pursue projects that pose real challenges. And so, I've been lucky to work on projects for cutting edge companies and organizations, defined numerous brands from napkin sketches, redefined apparel companies, created experiences that have made people laugh, and made some cry.

Looking back, it's been tremendously rewarding. Looking forward there will be challenges, but somebody's got to do it.


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"Brevity is the soul of wit" so I've kept this selection small. For more work examples and inquiries regarding other projects, please feel free to contact me.

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