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Design thinking...

Getting things done is easy, getting things done right is the real challenge.

When approaching any project I follow a process that is driven by design thinking and user experience methodologies. Be it the creation of a brand, a campaign or a product, the use of these user focused methods is essential to generating the best design and business outcomes for my clients.

I pride myself on careful observational skill, solid research methods, and hyper-detailed notes and couple this with my design skills to generate rapid illustration, high fidelity prototypes, and a rapidly evolving design conversation.



I love my tools and employ a wide array of skills to manifest a project.


Years spent in studio arts courses and hard earned time in fashion school allowed me to develop a deft touch with traditional tools and media. I wield a pen like a sword and have a mastery of paper, ceramic, metal, wood, and fabric. The skills I've honed by hand give me a greater understanding of layout and composition, while my digital work with agency, fashion, and exhibits, give me distinct advantages over other designers.



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I begin by listening

observing, and walking in your shoes. What do you want? what are your pain points? I pride myself on sensitivity to client needs and rigorous notes.


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Applying user feedback and moving rapidly into prototyping and multiple rounds of ideation are essential to maintain momentum and keeping ideas fresh. My ability to concept and ideate on the fly allows for quick learning and a brisk development of ideas.

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Understanding the results of prototyping is essential to validate protoypes and concepts. Applying the learnings of the successes and failures sets the stage for development of the best ideas.

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Bringing it all together.

At the end of the project cycle, I work with clients to develop a final implementation plan. Quality of execution, satisfaction, and overall success drives every step of this phase.

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The end is just the beginning...

The completion of any project is an opportunity to test the user data, educated guesses, and hard work invested. guaranteeing ongoing support and guidance for each project is my goal.

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