dots and lines is a collection
about order, pattern, and rhythm.

Though the majority of my commercial work is focused on digital tools and is destined for a digital medium, I have a deep love for traditional materials and methods. Dots & Lines is about reconnecting with those elements, appreciation of craftsmanship, and use of the hands.



I work from my Sausalito, California studio. It is a light-filled space once featured in Architectural Digest, stacked with art, plants, and a growing collection of vinyl.



While the use of grid and pattern promotes order in this collection, hand drafting, traditional block printing methods, and hand tools give each printed piece its own organic variation in shape, line-weight and ink texture.

171109_Framing_black and white.jpg


Framing of all pieces is executed by a veteran framer whose technique and attention to detail makes the frame an integral part of each piece.



All canvases employ a regular grid structure laid out by hand, a pattern of lines and dots is applied based on a set of “laws” which govern composition. (artist > art) Each piece is designed as a framework for pattern recognition and individual interpretation. (art > observer)

8 Dots 4 Lines
from 2,200.00
2 Dots 1 Line
from 2,200.00
42 Dots 21 Lines
from 1,200.00
48 Dots 24 Lines
from 1,200.00



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