case study: Olivers apparel

Elevating men's activewear.

Olivers apparel started as a single style...

Starting with a single pair of men's athletic shorts, the Olivers brand was launched on Kickstarter and became one of the platforms most successful projects. With that success, the brand and its community of customers were an embodiment of the industry's shift to the direct-to-consumer model. It became rapidly apparent that there was opportunity to grow, necessitating the development of new products, experiences, and stories.


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My Role...

My background in the cycling and outdoor community + 9 years of work in activewear found a perfect partner in Olivers apparel. An introduction to Oliver's founder began a design relationship that continues to this day and kicked off the evolution of the Olivers brand. From a single style project, I helped guide the creation of a complete men's collection that is uniquely tailored to fit the style and technical needs of Oliver's active, adventurous customer.

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The challenge.

The apparel industry is a demanding space that requires knowledge of the textile supply chain, design, and manufacturing. Starting from In developing Olivers it was crucial to bring in core industry stakeholders, build a foundation of processes, drive brand, and drive product development through design, customer and market research.

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Idea to illustration

Translating customer data acquired from Kickstarter in combination with industry trend forecasts, I worked to define style and design cues that embody the Olivers brand and serve the needs of Olivers customer. I generated numerous rounds of fashion illustrations that helped capture Olivers silhouette, fabrication targets, and core design elements.

Paper to prototype

After careful evolution and evaluation of illustrated concepts, I helped push designs to factory-ready technical illustrations. One of my core competencies is in the translation of fabrication, pattern-making, manufacturing, and style inputs to develop ultra-detailed technical guidelines, guaranteeing optimal factory understanding and quality end product.

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Moving to market

The old "build it and they will come" mentality in fashion is becoming decidedly obsolete. The Olivers team were well aware of the need to build story and social marketing vehicles to communicate new product releases. I worked closely with the marketing team and founders to tell the technical and design story as well as ideate on new marketing concepts and events.

The result

Three years on, Olivers is a growing company that has a devoted community of customers. The reach of marketing and the quality of every product launch has garnered accolades from key media and style bloggers.