Case Study: Flower

An app for giving.

The Flower app was conceived as a project to support the people we love through tough times, even if we can't be there in person. Utilizing the ease of mobile tech and the power of social networks, Flower makes it easy for people to send gifts and support to those those in need with a user friendly app that brings users together through a simple, engaging tool to give and  receive messages, media, and physical gifts.

flower brand.jpeg

My Role...

The introduction to the Dogpatch Technology team, our design chemistry, and the personal stories of the founders, made me recognize of the importance of the Flower project. I was brought in as UX/UI designer to facilitate the build of Flower from early sketches and basic graphics to a mature, shippable iOS application, and what would become an 18 month project.


The challenge

Millions of people in the United States experience
personally and emotionally challenging events. The stress created by cancer diagnosis, terminal illness, and loss turn worlds upside-down. Those suffering often feel isolated, and often their own support networks are left unable to help due to geographic or emotional distance.


User research

The app concept was conceived based on the trying personal experiences of the founders. Their insight into the complexity of navigating a family member's illness and resulting logistical and personal stressors was the cornerstone of the project. Validating and challenging their assumptions was put to the test through rigorous user testing of a large user group.


Building Experience

I engaged heavily with both the user research team and their findings, making it a priority to understand user needs and their emotional drivers. Working closely with the data from research and the personal experiences of the founders, as well as the feedback of the engineering team of I was instrumental in developing user experience flows and UI through low and high fidelity prototypes.

171205_Flower_message + callouts.jpg

Building a platform

An application is not an island. In addition to my role in the development of user experience, I was tasked to break ground on development of brand and brand guidelines, creation of web, social, podcast, video and print media.

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The result.

After 16 short months, the Flower app shipped. A launch in the Apple iTunes store was made possible through the determination, hard work, and numerous late nights of the entire team. The project continues to grow and evolve.