In essence, branding is the creation of a world. The feeling, characters, and experiences that shape brands require sensitivity, intuition, and imagination.
— Skye Schuchman
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The story of San Francisco’s most notorious madam, Sally Stanford is one as colorful
and storied as any novel one could imagine. She was a bootlegger, San Francisco’s
most famous madam (whose clientele were royalty and heads of state), a restaurateur,
and a cantankerous mayor.

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Drawing from Sally’s long life of adventure, scandal, and successT I’ve become a
design partner in re-creating a brand that touches apparel, beverage, and hospitality all
in the spirit of retelling the story of a woman who lived more than 9 lives.

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Nested wines is the face of an international wine brokerage that brings high-quality wines fromwineries in Americas fertile northwester wine growing AVA's and brings them to the growing Asian market.

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Nested is built to speak to the handmade quality and elegance of wine-making, distilling that essence into a mark and collateral that speak the same language.

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Founding and developing a sophisticated cyling brand with a sensitivity to art, apparel, and love of cycling has been a long time dream of mine.

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Velo Blanc is that project, where I get free reign across brand, product, and vision. Fall 2017 is slated for product launches and a concentrated push to elevate the brand from concept to company.

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Revitalizing a company in a competitive space like workplace design for the
technology sector requires subtle, sophisticated branding and a great deal of thought.

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I worked with the Cog team to help redefine the image of the 40 year old company. A re-investigation of Cog’s core values and Intensive brand iteration helped in the development a new brand mark and redefined that is aimed at the next 40 years.