BAC Mono

Autodesk and the Briggs Automotive Corporation have been long-term technology partners. Briggs, the developer of one of the fasted road-going cars in the world leverages Autodesk technologies and tools throughout the design and manufacturing of the "Mono" and ultralight single seat sports car. Seeing the car on main stage keynote events inspired me to reach out to BAC and suggest an exhibit scheme featuring their car. Months later, BAC came back with a prompt. Design the livery of a bespoke Autodesk Mono.


Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 10.39.04 AM.png

The process


I love cars and consider automotive design to be high art. I approached the project by referencing the historic "Art Cars" from BMW, where influential artists like Calder, Warhol, and Koons have all taken their turn at painting the latest from the brand. I saw the opportunity to elevate BAC's mono to the same level by applying the same "Art Car" thinking.



Fusing Autodesk's tools with the BAC design was an anchor for the design. Numerous studies and concepts were created, but the final selection was a perfect fusion of art and technology. Sweeping Autodesk airflow simulations of the Mono pour color and excitement over the skin of the Mono.



Where previously the Mono's simulations had only existed as screen images used in digital spaces, transposing this language into flat physical artwork was the challenge. Applying Autodesk brand cues and achieving the complex line-art with wrap and foil treatments was explored. image: courtesy Autodesk


Render to paint

The final decision was to employ the skills of BAC's incredible paint shop in what was described as the most complex paint project they had ever undertaken. image: courtesy Autodesk


The result

The Autodesk Mono is now a mobile embodiment of cutting edge automotive design and a perfect exhibit of Autodesk's technologies. It makes its home at Autodesk's Birmingham Advanced manufacturing facility and makes appearances at global design and manufacturing events. image: courtesy Autodesk