case study: Autodesk

Showcasing the future of making.


Is the tagline of Autodesk Corp. - The Bay Area based software company is one of the world's leading developers of 3D design tools for the architectural, product, and manufacturing industries. From Smartphones, to automobiles, to skyscrapers, the tools developed by Autodesk are the key to futuristic and fantastic projects around the world. Below, The Hackrod partnership is a perfect example of how Autodesk's tools have facilitated the development of an AI generated, 3D printed automotive chassis, fitted with sensors and optimized with generative design software could help redefine how Automobiles are designed and built in the not-so-distant future.

AU_FOMT_pavilion Hackrod.jpg

The challenge

Autodesk pushes the boundaries of software development and design tools. It is essential to engage industry experts and influencers, and educate them on the benefits of Autodesk's tools, driving adoption and continued subscriptions. Autodesk's team focuses on exhibits and experiences for key internal conferences, such as AU (Autodesk University) traveling exhibits, as-well-as a busy global events calendar.

The gallery

Highlighting the potential and impact of Autodesk's tools requires a deft design touch and a combination of models, media, and environments. I worked closely with brand, and copywriting teams to design exhibit elements and build storytelling devices as varied as video reels, 3D printed models, and illustrations to communicate the Hackrod story.

SF gallery_Hackrod_3 4.jpg

The result

In my 14 months working with Autodesk, I helped to push messaging and design conventions to the next level across events, exhibits and experiences.